Chairman`s News Aug. 2015

EC UllyBär



Wellcome to the new european webpage.

After years of good work from Karlo, Germany 3, as our webmaster, we found a new one.

We welcome Heinz from Germany 5 as our new webmaster. He is responsable for this new web-representation.

With this new webpage we can close one of our main-problems in the european Blue-Knights communication. You will find here links to all chapters, all european events and (from time to time) some words from the european board.

Please visit the international webpage on,  There is a members-area with a lot of information and special things like a forum, a mailbox for every chapter and a lot of documents.

The new elected european board ist allways reachable on our mailadresses just look on

If you have a question,  anything we can help you or a idea to bring our club forward  - dont hesitate to contact us.

ride with pride

Unterschr Ully kl