Chairman´s News Mai 2016

To all sisters and brothers Blue Knights!
Its one month prior the European convention 2016 at Zadar, Croatia.
I hope you are all in good health and your motorcycles are ready for the trip.
I am sure it will be a big party on the seaside - as always when we meet in Croatia.
There are some points I want to inform you: We are still looking for candidate for the convention 2018.
If your chapter is willing to host the conference-meeting please inform our secretary. We are still trying to provide some service to get back some money from international.
There is a “annual donation” for a non-Blue-Knights and charitable organization given from International
for every conference. We will ask you for nominations for this donation at the presidents-meeting.
You can present a organization and one chapter will be voted by the chapter-presidents
and then the conference-board will forward this at the end of the year to International.
So you can donate the money next year. We also are still working on new possibilities to finance our conference.

That’s the reason we installed a “conference-quartermaster” as a "affiliate member of the european board"
Uwe Brückner ("Lone wolf") is responsible for all the merchandising like pins, patches and some things more
we hope to provide for the future. This year we will also inform you about all the possibilities on our international webpage. - including the “corporate-mail”. We hope to bring this way of communication to a better future.
There are some concerns because of the political and security situation for our meetings.
I think there is no really safe place now and we have seen that this ugly face of terrorism
can be appear everywhere and everytime. But we should not let them win by changing our way of life.
Terrorism wants to destroy our life-style. We should not step back and there is no reason to stop meeting
and having party with friends, traveling and riding your motorcycle.

But be carefully all the time and "watch your back"
I hope to see you all in Croatia
rwp Ullybaer
Chairman European conference
Unterschr Ully kl