Nachruf Thomas "Sprotte" Reimers

SprotteOn 01. Of october 2016 we lost another blue-knights-brother.
Thomas „Sprotte“ Reimers died in the age of just 61 years.
Sprotte was born on 22. July 1955 and was working as a high-ranking police-officer in the criminalinvestigation
of the german police. He was retired since 01.december 2015.
Sprotte was serving in different positions in the blue-knights-organisation, including president of
chapter Germany 10 and, for a term of 6 years, as european conference chairman. He has never
been a showman, he worked hard and in a very calm and effective way to bring the blue knights
forward. He was not the man for the party but he had a very fine sense of humor and he enjoyed the
fellowship and the brotherhood in our club.
In the last time he suffered on different health-problems and sold his motorcycle, but he still was
interested in everything going on in the blue-knights-world.
We will always remember him as a man and a example of a blue-knight.
Rest in peace Sprotte and ride with pride in chapter heaven one.
Unterschr Ully kl