Chairman´s News January 2017

Hello sistes and brothers!
I hope you started the new year very well and you all enjoy the winter-season.  In a vew month we will have the international election. There are some important points for the voting:
The international office will be mailing your individual ballots for your selection. With all the media outlets available to you please take some time to research these candidates prior to you making your selections.
Please make sure you return your ballot in a timely manner.
Each ballot needs to be individually, just 1 (one,)  sealed inside the single envelope provided and mailed back.
Chapters may gather the members completed and sealed ballot envelope, 1(one) per envelope and sealed,  and mail in one larger envelope from the chapter to the appropriate address that will be provided to save on postage for the members.
The tally of ballots will be Tuesday morning of the International convention in Milwaukee anyone attending the convention may submit to volunteer to be on the counting committee, that includes spouses of members in attendance, but they must be registered at the convention.
This year we have the following candidates:
DJ Alvarez, TX XXXI
Pat Fox, NY XXIV
Loni Strayer, PA XII
Vice President
Bob Awtrey, GA XVIII
Karen Borza, PA XII
Jerry Bryan, OK II
Andreas (Schlagi) Hohendorf, GER V
Jim Borza, PA XII
Jack Kaylor, CA XXIV
John Bull, MD III
John Gordon, OH XVIII
As you can see we ill have a european candidate for the position of the international vice-president. It would be a important sign for us if we have a european Blue Knight in the international board on this very important position. So take your right to vote and support our candidate.  
If there are any question about the election aks your chapter-president or a member of the european board.
Voting is important!
Unterschr Ully kl