Chairman´s News May 2017

Hello sisters and brothers!

Since my last chairman-letter a lot of things happened. 

Jerry Brian is no more candidate for the int vice-president. He withdraw his candidature. 

Every member is in worry because of the things what happened in the international office. The office-employee Bessie Small stole a lot of money from our account. The trial is still under process and it is very hard to get verifiable and clear information. They will try to get back so much money as possible but we all know the justice and we know it can be a long and hard way.

In Europe we have some new chapter. The European board have been at the foundation meeting of Germany XL in Hamburg. We had there our annual work-meeting with a long agenda. Our main problem is still the missing discipline of our chapters by paying the European fees. Maybe some chapters, member or presidents is not clear what they get for the 1 Euro/year. So let me explain:

The European board helps by founding and organizing the chapter, proof the membership-requirement and give a helping hand by making your bylaws. We also assist by recruitment and we can help by any kinds of problems in the chapter, between members or between chapters. If there are serious problems we are allowed to take action, according to the European bylaws, against chapters and/or against members. We coordinate your meetings and we give you a webspace to announce your meeting in our European calendar on this webpage. We care about riding-security and training your riding-skills and we help if there was an accident on or on the way to a BK-meeting by connecting to the special found. The European board offer a range of BK-items and help by getting a sales-permit for your chapter-items. The European representative is our voice in the international board. He is in contact with the Board of Gouvenors and the international president. We try to coordinate and we help in all problems with renewal or with membership-fees and al the paperwork with the international-office.  We organize the European president-conference where you get all the latest infos for your chapter. Everything for 1 Euro/year – I think that’s not too much. 

I want to remember you again: Its very important to vote for Schlagi from Germany 5 at the international election. He is running for the position of the international vice-president and would be a good and loud voice for Europe. 
I hope I will see a lot of you in Helsinki and wish you allways safe and sunny rides

Unterschr Ully kl