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Convention 2006

 2.1. Proposal: To make it possible for all Law Enforcement personnel to join the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle club INC.

Intent:To work for the removal of the requirements that you as a member need to have the power to arrest to be a member.The police are in rapid development. In our teams in Europe it is common to have police specialists, as technicians, engineers, lab workers, psychiatrics, and many more police specialist to help teams to solve serious crime. As the world goes forward it is getting more and more complicated and it is time to recognize this people as police with other qualities then the old muscle police. These people are a part of the Law Enforcement and just as much police as those who have "only" the power to arrest. Without our new "police" colleagues and their skills we would never have the authority as they help us to maintain.

Advantages:This enables the Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club to be what we say we are and not a police motorcycle Club as someone want it to be. By inviting new police groups into our club it will develop and enrich us as the rest of the society.


Suggested By: Idar Grotle 4th June 2006 European Chairman

This proposal was cancelled by Idar, because it is inconsistent with the constitution and bylaws, but he will make in future the proposal again with changing of some points.

2.2. Proposal: Blue Knights online chat

To install a Blue-Knights-online Chat for BK-Member on the European website, where at one time every month the European board is online for an online-conference and to answer questions, like a special session in the parliament.

Intent:It needs a long time to ask for information and to get the right information from the European board. So we have to look for a better way of information-transport from the board to the members

Advantages:It will help to get quick and clear information about topical questions and will help the board to bring information to the members in a direct and very short way.

Disadvantages:None, just a little work for the webmaster.

Suggested By: Werner Ully 07/08/06 BK Aut 1 Vice-President

Submitted By:Thomas Reimers10/08/06BK Germ 10 President

After a short discussion the proposal carried. So it will be next time a chat room at the European Website, Member area.

2.3. Proposal: If there is a European Convention, could it be every time an event of 4 days?

Intent:Some participants have to travel a large distance to go to the EC. When the Conference itself only is on Saturday, those participants can only be at the meeting and have no pleasure of the meeting itself, the ride-outs etc.

Advantages:If the Conference is on Friday during the day, everybody could join the ride-out etc.

Disadvantages:Maybe it is a bit more expensive for the participants and it will cost more work for the organizers, but the costs for the meeting could be spread out over all participants of the whole meeting so the people who are on the conference, who work for their chapters, don't have to pay more.

Suggested By:Ludo Vanwelsenaer12/07/2006BK Bel 9 President

Voting: 16 Yes, 14 No

The proposal carried with the decision that in future the convention is to hold over four days.

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