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Convention 2011

Proposal: Blue Knights promotion video for the EC

Proposal from Idar Grotle:

To establish a committee by International to produce a promotion video.

Voting by rising hand:

3 Yes

32 No

The proposal failed.

Changing International By – Laws

On the convention 2009 there was the following proposal:

Proposal: 002-2009

The European Board proposes to bring the following point forward to the International Board:

Art. 7. Sec 7.03. Chapter Dues, International Bylaws should be dropped. Reason:

The International Bylaws are more than 30 years old. During the last 30 years inflation went on and most of the chapters are unable to get along with the fees, the International Bylaws allows. There is no need for maximum fee as in case of too high amounts nobody would join the club anyway.


Each chapter may assess an annual membership fee. Chapters, which maintain a clubhouse, may assess an additional annual charge to cover maintenance and operating costs of the clubhouse.

Second: Chris Feick, President Germany XVIII

After questions and discussion the motion passed.

This proposal brought to International failed.

The maximum chapter dues stated out in Art. 7. Sec 7.03 will be 50 $US.

All agreed.

Proposal: European Conference – By-laws and financial rules

After short discussion the assembly agreed and voted to install the European Bylaws as following:

Yes 31

No 3

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