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Convention 2013

8.1. Proposal 001/2013

To give our Representative Koen Hutse the mandate to forward the idea to invite the Blue Knights founding fathers Chuck Shumann, Mike Hall andEddie Gallant to attend the Blue Knights festival week in Austria 2014 to visit the International Convention, The Uk&Ireland Convention and the European Convention as well on costs of Blue Knights Intl. at the 2013 Intl. Convention.

Intent:In 2014 the Blue Knights will celebrate their 40th Anniversary.

It will be the first time the Intl Convention takes place outside the American Continent. It will be the first time as well those 3 Conventions will be held at the same time and place.

All this is a wonderful chance to thank the founding fathers for giving us such a club and to show them how this organization grew up in between.

Advantages:A great chance to pay respect and to show how we deal with our own history! We are family.


Suggested By: Wulf Bruelheide 04/11/13 European Board Vice Chairman

Submitted By: Koen Hutse

Voting: All agreed. The proposal passes

8.2.Proposal 002/2013

To decide, that no chapter-event is allowed on the weekend of the European Convention.

Intent:We decided not to organize an International Blue Knights event on the same time when the European conference takes place. Now we have learned that there is almost one chapter-event on this weekend.

Advantages:To give every BK-member a chance to join the convention and to have a representative of every European chapter in the convention-meeting.


Suggested By:Werner Ully05/14/13European Board Treasurer

Submitted By:Ronald Roelandt05/14/2013European BK-news-Auditor

Voting: 2 Yes, 45 No. The proposal failed

8.3.Proposal 003/2013

To change article 4 of the European bylaws

Only regular members of the corporation who are currently serving as President of a chapter or who have previously served in that capacity may hold the offices of International Representative, Chairman and Vice Chairman. Any regular member may hold the offices of the Secretary and Treasurer. Associate and honorary members may not hold any Conference offices either by election or appointment.


Only regular members of the corporation within an experience of 5 years regular membership can hold an office in the European board. Associate and honorary members may not hold any Conference offices either by election or appointment.

Intent:To get more and even younger candidates for an office in the European board. I think there are many hidden talents without a board part in their own chapter and we should try to reach them.

Advantages:There are a lot of interested and qualified members in the chapter which are not chapter president or past-president

Disadvantages:We will have to check the experience of candidates before the election.

Suggested By: Claudia Gierisch 05/29/2013 Germany 7 Vice-president

Submitted By:Werner Ully05/29/2013European board Treasurer

Voting: 43 Yes, 3 No. The proposal passed.

8.4.Motion by Werner Ulrich, European Coference Treasurer

To change the International bylaws.

International is allowed to collect the membership dues for a conference as well as the membership dues for International in addition of a charge 2 $US for each chapter.

Second: Koen Hutse, International Representative

Voting: All agreed. 

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