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Convention 2016

11.1Proposal 001/2016 Suggestions for a Charity Project

There are 1000 $US from International to promote a charity project in 2017.

The suggestion was, to give the money to the organization "Just Friends"


The majority voted for the motion and it passed.

Proposal 002/2016 International Bylaws Change – Membership Dues

Koen read out the following proposal from International to change the International Bylaws because of rising up the membership dues.

The EC voted against, the majority for it. So, the proposal passed.

Proposal:To set up a dues increase in a two-step process in order to get our operating income even with our expenditures to ensure that there will be less loss in the upcoming years.

Intent: It is the intent of the executive board to assure that the Blue Knights® International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc. remains financially solvent for the foreseeable future of this club. For the year 2014, the Auditor and Bookkeeper for Blue Knights Motorcycle Club have indicated a loss of$105,000.00 and $100,000.00 concurrently in 2015. A dues increase is inevitable in order to sustain an operating account that is in line with the increase in costs that we have incurred over 25 years and the approved addition of monetary expenditures by the board and membership (example, charitable donations, scholarship funds and general inflation) without driving the organization into financial ruin.Dues are currently at the established amount that was set on October 27, 1993 and have not been raised since. We are recommending a $5.00 per member increase effective October 1st, 2016 and another $5.00 on October 1st, 2018. We now currently have 448 SILVER DUES TIER Members who have paid the $150.00 and we no longer receive dues for, we currently have 325 BRONZE DUES TIER members that have paid the $150.00and no longer pay dues, we have 36 CHARTER DUES Members ( no longer available) that paid $25.00 prior to 2002 and no longer pay dues. This is a significant amount of members and we are experiencing an increase in number for Bronze and Silver tiers each year.It is recommended that both Bronze and Silver dues tiers be increased by $150.00 .The figures quoted have been discussed and recommended by our Auditor and Bookkeeper. 

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