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Convention 2017

12.1.Proposal 001-2017Suggestions for a Charity Project

Blue Knights Chapter Germany XVlll „Rhein-Main"

  • Because International will give no money (1000 $US) to each Conference for charity project the proposal was cancelled.

IN THE LIGHT OF the commitment made at the 2016 International Conference to promote charitable activities through funding and

ON BEHALF OF the European Conference, Blue Knights International is herewith kindly requested to allocate funding to the amount of 1000.—USD to the Europe-based charitable non-profit organization Motoforpeace ONLUS.

According to its own mission statement "Moto for Peace is a nonprofit organization made up by motorcyclists of Italian State Police, Italian Carabinieri, Italian Financial Police and other European police forces. Founded in 2001, the main aim is to carry out local development projects, sensitizing the society, raising funds needed to put into effect (…) motorcycle expeditions, reaching several undeveloped countries, hit by war and devastation in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America." (source www.motoforpeace.it)


Image boost for motorcyclists - Since the year 2000 Motoforpeace has covered a distance of more than 160,000 km across all four continents (except Australia) to support people in need of all races and different faiths. All these missions were completed on motorcycles and therefore have provided a tremendous contribution to the positive image of riders on two wheels of the law enforcement community.

Image boost for law enforcement riders - It is the firm belief of the members of Motoforpeace that law enforcement goes far beyond repressive action and the aversion of dangers. In the long run, law and order can only prevail if generations to come are given a perspective in their life. The focus of Motoforpeace is therefore on those who are most dependent of charitable support – children in poverty-ridden countries and/or faced with

special challenges.

International outreach - As Motoforpeace is open for participants from around the world, primarily to those with law enforcement and a motorcycling background, members of the Blue Knights community are welcome and should feel invited to join future missions. In 2016, for example, Motoforpeace completed a mission in support of

Two orphanages in Honduras and Bolivia. To this end, a group of 22 members, bringing together riders from Italy, Spain, Germany and Russia using 11 motorcycles and two support vans, travelled 14,000 km from Panama City across the Central American Isthmus and North America up to Canada and down to New York City. The funding of Motoforpeace herewith desired would therefore also be beneficial to any Blue Knights

seeking mission participation.

Publicity boost for the BK community - More importantly, Motoforpeace has the philosophy of lending publicity to their sponsors during mission completion. Logos of sponsors are always displayed on logistics vehicles, handouts and posters. As Motoforpeace is operated by active Italian and Spanish law enforcers and

enjoys the support of the President of the Italian Republic and the Italian Ministry of Interior, the representatives of Motoforpeace are usually received by the Italian embassies to be found along mission itineraries. Additionally, Motoforpeace also operates its own radio station. Moreover, Motoforpeace members are usually accompanied by officers of the Italian NCB of Interpol to establish contacts with police representatives of the countries visited. Frequently, meet-and-greets are made at both working and decision-making level, which accounts for the unique publicity outreach of Motoforpeace.

Attracting new members - In all the countries visited during the 2016 mission, the group was officially hosted by the embassies and came into contact with high-level police officials and other figureheads of the respective communities, such as the organization "Educación Vial" in Panama or the management of Fiat Chrysler in Detroit. Many press contacts, featured on the website www.motoforpeace.it , were made along the way,

highlighting the valuable support of the mission sponsors. In this respect, the Blue Knights community would greatly benefit from this publicity campaign if it decided in favor of this proposal and the funding sought herewith. The attraction of new members to the community of law enforcement riders would be a likely spin-off. In the current year, Motoforpeace will undertake to conduct a mission on the South African continent with the aim of supporting Catholic social workers along the route from Kapstadt to Luanda, up to Harare and via Lesothoback to the Cape of Good Hope.

Disadvantages: None.

12.2.Proposal 002-2017 European Conference Fees

Suggested by: Koenrad Hutse

Submitted by: Holk Opitz

  • It was motioned to change the last two sentences of the proposal as following:
  • - when they have an international meeting, the Conference Board can ask the Board of Governors not to take this meeting in consideration for payment of the special fund if anyone has an accident to and from this meeting.
  • Changed to

The Conference Board can ask to exclude the members of that chapter that doesn't pay, from being able to ask for a payment from the Special Fund is they have a crash to or from an International meeting

Each conference can decide for themselves if they apply these sanctions or not.

A new proposal will be drawn to have a change of International by-laws where the sanction can go as far as revoking the charter of the chapter.

  • Voting:
  • Yes: 20
  • No:2
  • The motion passed.
  • Voting about the proposal:
  • Yes: 22
  • No:1
  • The motion passed

To allow the conferences to ask a membership fee to the chapters that are members of that conference. Each conference can decide if they will or will not charge a fee per member. This membership fee is not to exceed 2 USD per member. If a conference decides to charge a fee per member, they shall submit it to the International Board of Directors for approval. Once approved by the International Board of Directors, the chapters shall pay the fee per member to their conference. To decide on the amount, the number of members a chapter renews with will be taken into account. New chapters will be free of paying the fee for the first 2 years after foundation.

The fee shall be used by the conference board for recruiting and eventually for helping chapters. The fee shall also be used to pay for working costs from the Board members.

If a chapter refuses to pay the fee, the conference board will send them a written warning and inform the members of that chapter that their board doesn't comply with the European By-laws. If after 30 days after the first warning, the chapter has not answered to the Board, a second warning will be send to the chapter as well as to the International Board of Governors with a proposal of disciplinary sanction. The chapter can appeal to the International Board of Governors after the second warning within a 30 day period after receiving the second warning.

Sanction for a chapter can be:

- to be excluded to have their website link on the Conference website.

- to be excluded to attend the Conference Presidents meeting at the Convention

- to lose the right to vote on official Blue Knights business during the Presidents meeting

- Their meetings won't be put on the official calendar on the conference website

The Conference Board can ask to exclude the members of that chapter that doesn't pay, from being able to ask for a payment from the Special Fund is they have a crash to or from an International meeting

Each conference can decide for themselves if they apply these sanctions or not.

A new proposal will be drawn to have a change of International by-laws where the sanction can go as far as revoking the charter of the chapter.


The European Conference is one of the only conferences that are expanding in new countries. The problem we have seen in the past is that new chapters are formed in new countries but after 1 or 2 years, these chapters disappear because they have no contact with other Blue Knights. We also have lost chapters in countries because of that. This is partially due to language difference as well as difference in laws in the different countries. The past 2-3 years, because we have seen these problems, we at the European Conference have been reaching out to new chapters in Itlay, Roumania, Denmark, Croatia etc… by travelling to meet them and explaining Blue Knights LEMC. It is our experience that the new members are very grateful of meeting somebody from the Conference Board. We see that those chapters are now still very active and they are reaching out to other Blue Knights all over the world trough social media.

This way of acting has shown that it is very useful to reach out to the new chapters in person so they have the right info from the beginning as well as they feel welcome right away.


Reaching out to new chapters in new countries where you have no chapters based that can help in the formation, costs money to the Conference. For the moment some chapters refuse to show their solidarity with the others and refuse to pay a fee. The problem is that we cannot take any disciplinary action towards these chapters. They enjoy the advantages of being part of this great organization but refuse to take part with the burdens to go out to meet new chapters.

  • 12.3.Proposal003-2017 Registration of Blue Knights meetings and events
  • Yes: 21
  • No:1

The proposal passed.

Before voting, there have been some explanations to the proposal.

Events are those who are like International Meetings, stays a whole weekend and all Blue Knights are invited. Not meant are barbeque evenings, ride out and party.

By deciding the proposal the following positive effects will be:

- Presentation promoted on the European Conference website in the calendar

- Secured by the special fund, because it is an official event now

- Coordination of the dates and to solve problems of dating conflicts

All Blue Knights events have to be announced to the European Board and to be registrate. The European Board will coordinate the dates and add them to the European calendar. This service will be given to all chapters who pay their fees.


Until today there are only International Blue Knights meetings announced to the European Board. All other events are announced and invited uncoordinated by each chapter.


Nobody has an overview about all meetings and events and because of no coordination maybe conflicts between the dates.



Suggested by: Holk Opitz

Submitted by: Koenrad Hutse

12.4.Motion 004-2017 European Conference Bylaws Artikel 7, Changing Section 2

Motion: Josef Tiggemann

Second: Holk Opitz

Reason: To discipline the chapters to pay their fees until 30th April each year and to discipline chapters which denied to pay the fees to the European Conference it is necessary to rise up the additional administration fee from 10,00 EURO to 50,00 Euro.

Section 2. The annual chapter fee (see Article 2/Section 1) must be transferred to the European Board account between March 1 and April 30 according to the number of members from the actual renewal list.

Late payments are possible exceptionally until September 30 with an additional administration fee of 50,00 Euro.


Yes: 5


The motion failed. 

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