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Convention 2019

14.1. Proposal 001-2019 To split the function of International Vice-President in 2, maximum 3 functions. There would be an International Vice-President for the USA and Canada, one for Europe and one for Australia and New Zealand (if wanted).


Since 1974 our club has grown from a local Bangor Maine Motorcycle club into the largest LEMC in the world. Not only does this mean around 19000 members and over 25 countries, but also over 25 different laws and regulations. Since one of the responsibilities' of the International Vice-President is recruitment it is important for him to have some knowledge of the local laws. A personthat in his function, qualifies to be a regular member in the USA, might not be eligible for Regular membership and vice-versa.

To have a Vice-President for different parts of the world would give the opportunity for that person to be closer to the members, not only geographic but also cultural. It would make the job way more accurate as a Vice-President because he would understand and be able to deal with any problem that might occur.

At the moment it is very hard for a member outside the USA and Canada to get elected in the International Executive Board. A member outside the USA and Canada can't afford to travel to each Conference meeting because it's impossible to make the trip over the ocean 10 times a year.

The Vice-Presidents would be elected as they are now but the USA and Canada would vote for the USA-CANADA candidates, Europe (EC and UK&I) would vote for their candidates and Australia and New Zealand for theirs.


The Executive board would be way closer to the membership. Besides the Conference International Rep, they would also have a closer contact to a member of the Executive board.

It would help the Executive Board to understand and follow up the local Chapters.

It would help to take away the feeling for the members overseas that everything is decided in function of the USA-Canada membership and that "they're only good for their money". It would take our great club to an even more international level.

It would make it easier for a member of an overseas chapter to get elected in the Executive Board.

It would give an extra voice and vote to the overseas members besides the Conference International Reps. New Zealand and Australia would finely get their own voice in the BOD.


There would be 2 more people added to the Executive Board so this would add 2 more people to register for the International Convention but it might also cut in the travel costs of the Vice-Presidents because they would only travel to the Conferences on their area.

Suggested by: Koen HUTSE, EC REP

Submitted by Holk Opitz, EC Secretary

Voting: 5 NO, 1 Absent, All other Yes. The Proposal passed

14.2.Proposal 002-2019 To install a "Life Time Honorary" membership for honorary members who have been 20 years continuous member.

After 20 years of continuous membership they would receive the title of "Life Time Honorary", after a positive evaluation by their chapter board. They continue to pay their yearly dues but would keep their membership. They would no longer have to be voted on by the chapter board. Also they would not count for the quorum of 10%. As "Life Time Honorary" they would qualify for associated membership.


An Honorary member has to "prove" each year he deserves his membership status. During their time of membership they have done extra effort for the club and the chapter to 'earn" their membership. By installing the chapter would recognize their year-long efforts. They have been part of the family for 20 years and more so it would make them really feel part of our great club. To avoid that these members have to continue proving their loyalty when their getting older, the "Life Time Honorary" would not be taken into account for the 10% Honorary members of a chapter since as of that moment they would qualify as Associate Member.


Honorary members that have served the chapter and the club for 20 years or more, would finally be recognized for their loyalty.


This would take a change of the bylaws concerning "Associate Membership"

Suggested by: President of the Belgian Chapters

Submitted by: Koen HUTSE, EC REP

D.J. Alvarez: The last two sentences have to be changed before propose to International

Voting: 4 No, 2 Absend, all other Yes. The Proposal passed. 

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