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Convention 2023

16.1.Proposal 01 – 2023

Proposal from Germany 2

Suggests by Bob Blake, Germany 2, submitted by Axel Reibel, Germany 2

The proposal was divided into two parts.

First part:

Proposal regarding the digital form of the magazine "Sward and Shield"

DJ Alvares explained that there is a three-year contract with the publisher. Only after this time can a decision be made about a change. He further indicated that the smaller the circulation, the more expensive the issues become.

However, the majority of the members present would be in favor of a digital edition in order to save costs and simplify shipping.

Result: The proposal was approved.

Second part:

Proposal regarding the digital form of membership cards.

No discussion about this.

Result: The proposal was approved.

16.2.Proposal 02 – 2023

Proposal from Didier Dhynes, Belgium 8

Suggested by Didier Dhynes, Belgium 8, submitted by Philippe Smets, Belgium 8

Proposal to change the requirements of membership in the Blue Knights. In order to counteract the declining number of members, it is proposed to soften the "right to arrest" requirement and make it possible for all employees of police departments of any kind to become members.

The discussion was mainly about the form of the proposal. There is an official form how proposals have to be written. Dino (Didier Dhynes) will chance the form.

No discussion about the content of the proposal.

Result: The proposal was approved

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